Tax and legal advisory

Established in 2011, Grow Audit and Consulting LLC operates under the audit license issued by the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Grow Audit and Consulting LLC is specialized in providing audit services to any type of property enterprises and organizations operating in different sectors of the economy. Grow Audit and Consulting an enterprise of auditors and professional accountants with the highest level of knowledge and level able to solve any problematic situation in accounting, taxation and audit. In modern Azerbaijan, auditing is not limited to the audit of the necessary information for tax inspections. Our company provides full range of audit services. The management of small and medium-sized businesses is increasingly dependent on the need for audit and professional accountants, and they grow and develop their business by following the recommendations of professionals like us in optimization of their business, tax planning, and accounting records.


You have started your own business, Your Company is already taking the first steps, You are intensively developing, You are on the verge of economic progress, but your accountant or economist sometimes does not provide You with the information you need and he/she cannot do his/her job. Right now, management of Your Company understands that it is time to apply to Grow Audit and Consulting LLC for audit services.

Grow Audit and Consulting LLC  provides the following Audit services:  

  • Compulsory audit
  • Initiative audit
  • Special audit on different areas of accounting:
  • Audit of currency transactions;
  • Tax audit;
  • Audit of import and export operations;
  • Audit of credit and leasing transactions;
  • Audit of accounts receivable and payables;
  • Audit of prime cost;
  • Special audit on different areas of activity:
  • Audit of small-scale enterprises;
  • Audit of insurance companies;
  • Audit of trade organizations;
  • Audit of construction organizations;
  • Audit of the enterprise’s foreign economic activity
  • Audit in the service sector;
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