Grow Audit and Consulting LLC provides Your company with professional level of accounting services and keeps track of your enterprise’s regular accounting. Maintaining a high level of professionalism and improving is achieved with the assistance and participation of the audit department’s staff. The accounting services offered by Grow Audit and Consulting LLC it is relevant for all small and medium-sized businesses regardless of the turnover, type of property and and the area of economy.

When accounting your company, professional accountants of Grow Audit and Consulting LLC check the incoming and outgoing documents in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan ensuring their privacy and protection and protect You from the unexpected visits of your inspection authorities. Accounting services provided by Grow Audit and Consulting LLC is an individual approach to your business, as there is no global accounting service template. Over the last few days or maybe during the month you are thinking about creating and modernizing your business. You are not satisfied with the business efficiency of your accountant, financial manager and evaluator. Our professional accountants and auditors will ensure efficient and timely conduct of Your enterprise’s accounting and tax records when we personally serve to You and especially render accounting services to your enterprise. Our team of professional accountants and tax advisors, starting with formaton of proper accounting policy for You, will tailor it to your specific area of ​​activity, and teach your employees to work correctly and accurately with initial accounting documentation.

Grow Audit and Consulting LLC offers you a number of services in the field of accounting and tax recording:


  • Accounting services on a regular basis:
  • Initial, current and regular accounting services;
  • Formation of accounting policy;
  • Inventory support services;
  • Keeping records of different accounting areas;
  • Accounting services for compilation and restoration of accounting reports;
  • Restoration of accounting and tax recording;
  • Schematic compilation of various financial and economic transactions;
  • Submission of accounting financial statements to tax authorities and the State Social Protection Fund.


  • Accounting services for tax accounting;
  • Tax consulting services;
  • Tax calculations and tax payment optimization;
  • Preparation and submission of tax reports


Accounting on IFRS (IFRS, IAS)

  • Compilation of reports in line with IFRS
  • Preparation and implementation of the plan of transition to IFRS;
  • Preparation and presentation of reports based on IFRS;
  • Preparation of recommendations for the implementation of IFRS-compliant accounting policy.

Accounting on the USA GAAP

  • Services on preparation of financial reports in accordance with GAAP;
  • Preparation and presentation of management and financial reports individually in line with GAAP;

Transformation of accounting reports in accordance with IFRS and GAAP requirements.

  • Preparation of consolidated reports for Company groups;
  • Preparation and implementation of accounting records based on IFRS and GAAP;
  • Preparation and implementation of software based on IFRS and GAAP;

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