Grow Audit and Consulting LLC offers the following services for its customers in the field of evaluation:


– Real estate evaluation:
– Houses, Gardens, Offices;
– Trading facilities, Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities;
– Buildings and structures, Unfinished construction.
– Evaluation of land and mineral resources;
– Evaluating intangible assets, including intellectual property;
– Evaluation of an enterprise (business);
– Evaluation of investment projects and business plans;
– Revaluation of fixed assets;
– Evaluation of real estate transactions;
– Evaluation of shares, promissory notes and other securities;
– Evaluation of vehicles, installations and machines;

Evaluation of property of the enterprise is mainly carried out for the following purposes:

– Finding the market (fair) value of the facility;
– Calculation of the liquidity value;
– Determination of recovery cost;

Evaluation of property is primarily applicable during purchase and sale and can be applied both to individuals and legal entities. This procedure is not mandatory because each buyer or seller can determine the price of the agreement itself. However, in many cases, a real professional assessment is required to find the real and accurate price of the facility. We are ready to provide You with this service.

Buildings, facilities, equipment, transmissions, and vehicles – any movable and immovable property of a business entity may act as object of evaluation of your enterprise.

Evaluation of the value of property can help the business management solve many issues:

When making a decision to sell the facility;
Evaluating the effectiveness of property management;
The quick sale of the facility (i.e. liquidation);

Technologies used during evaluation of property:

During evaluation of property, experts of Grow Audit and Consulting LLC

Calculate the cost of all objects and fixed assets in the balance of the enterprise;
Evaluate their current state, physical and moral wear;
Determine the proper value of the facility based on the evaluation objectives.

When evaluating the object, our experts take into account all the factors that may affect the value of the object: the condition, location, duration of use, intensity of use, etc.

Evaluation of enterprise business helps you to play a major role in making decisions on investment projects. You can accurately and efficiently determine every investor’s investments in corporate business and evaluate the effectiveness of business.

Technologies used during evaluation of business:

During evaluation of business, experts of Grow Audit and Consulting LLC

Calculate the value of tangible and intangible assets;
Evaluate the effectiveness of the entity’s activity, its previous, current and future revenues;
Evaluate competition and development perspectives in the market;

As a result of the logical outcome of the work done, the evaluator’s opinion and act, which reflects the entity’s profit rate, profitability and prospects of its development, will be presented.

You can entrust your work to the experienced experts and professional evaluators of Grow Audit and Consulting LLC The value of services can be found in the price list.

Increasing the value of your activity is our goal!

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